You'll find below main informations about my work experience, skills and education. You can also download a full detailed resume as a pdf or odt file. Don't forget to check out my last demo too.

Work Experience

> Since 2010: Independant Motion Capture Technical Consultant

Consulting and post processing for Unit Image (Paris)

Mocap Stage Supervisor for MocapLab (Bonjour Gribouille, What If...)

High level consulting for Vision Globale (Montreal)

Mocap Stage Supervisor for Solidanim (Cinderella 3D, TV Spots...)

Vicon Blade trainer for Guerilla Games (Killzone)

Mocap Supervisor & Data Processing for Atopos (Cursed Crusade, Sherlock Holmes,...)

> 2006 - 2010: Motion Capture Supervisor at Quantic Dream

Facial & Body Motion Capture Supervision/TD for 'Heavy Rain' AAA title

Outsourcing Manager

Body Motion Capture Supervision/Motion Editing for 'Dishonored' (Arkane Studios)

R&D on Pre-production and Full Pipeline Motion Capture Development

> 2005 - 2006: Freelance Motion Capture Animator

Motion Editing & Data Cleaning for many video games such as 'Splinter Cell 4' or 'Farenheit'


House Of Moves (Brian Rausch , House Of Moves CEO)

Atopos (Stéphane Dalbera, Mocap Consultant)

Animation Vertigo (Marla Rausch, Mocap Outsourcing Manager)

Ubisoft (Julien Joubert, Mocap Supervisor)

Guerilla Games (Bart Wijsman, Lead Animator)


> Motion Capture

Motion Capture Costs and Needs Evaluation

Full Stage Setup, Calibration, Shooting, Props & Markersets

Vicon IQ & Blade Expert (script add-on development, teaching...)

Motion Builder Motion Editing, Retargetting, Import/Export

> 3D Packages

Maya / 3DS Max / Softimage XSI

Good knowledge of general rigging rules and concepts

Self-training on Blender 3D (modeling,rigging,animation, lighting...)

> Audio-Visual/2D

Technical Knowledge of cameras, lenses, Audio & Video Synchronisation,...

Good Knowledge of Video Editing Software (Premiere, Blender, Kdenlive)

Good Skills on The Gimp


> In 2005: 1 Year Specialization Diploma in CGI

Strasbourg's Marc Bloch University, France)

> In 2004: Master's Degree in Audio-visual Technics

D.R.E.A.M., Valenciennes' University, France)